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Bobo Marley

Story of when my friend broke his leg on Teamspeak.

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So this story may seem a little weird, please excuse my English.


So it all started out with me and my friend Rhys. 

We were on Teamspeak playing CS:GO around 7pm as we normally do. (This was in my old community.)

We would always play CS:GO until late night and sometimes drink a little bit, there would normally be 5 - 7 of us at the end of the night drinking at around 12pm - 4pm. It was really fun especially because we were playing Counter-Strike. Any ways, my friend Ned Flanders joined the team speak(Jamie) and started talking to us. He decided to start drinking and by 2am was waisted, he blacked out while playing CS:GO and we were playing till about 2am in the morning.


When he woke up we could hear him get up from his keyboard.

We were trying to speak to him but he didn't have his headset on, but he could hear noises from his room (us). It was so loud that he heard us faintly from his headset but not enough to make out what we were saying. We tried to get him to understand but he didn't know what he did last night. 

Now here is when it gets good.

Since he heard the noises from the headset but had no idea where it came from, he got really scared thinking people were in his house. This is when we heard him panic and heard some strange noises. Him still being drunk opened up a window and jumped out of it from a high height... His scream was so loud that we could hear him from outside his house because the window was open on teamspeak. We spoke till about mid day about it having no idea what had happened. 


He was still in a teamspeak room the next day until he left the day after that. When we saw him come online we asked him what had happened...

He eventually understood the events that led up to him breaking his leg and he told us. Not only did he break his leg but he also crushed his finger and broke 3 toes. Still to this day, we still haven't stopped making fun of him.


I also have a lot of other stories from my old community such as a girl that led 8 guys on at once and another one where a guy in our community made constant alt accounts and we had no idea that 5 people were actually just 1. Would like to know if you want to hear them.


Again, please excuse my English if it wasn't perfect.

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Nice story, fun to read! I wouldn't mind to read more and your English isn't bad at all :)

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