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Can't find my screenshot in my ET folder


hey guys, i've a problem that i hope u'll can resolve ;)


I can't find my screenshot that i made ingame in my ET folder( C:/program files x86/ wolfenstein) i remeber how it works when i was playing 2 years ago i already took SS and video and post them on the forum, but today i don't know why i can't find them, so here's a SS about my NQ folder and one about my ET folder wich i can't find any folder named " screenshot"



thx for ur help, greets $horky' :)



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You need to run your game with admin rights to allow the system to write into it and so to create some folders (like the "screenshots" folder) and\or files. And it looks like it was the case unless you deleted the "screenshot" folder by mistake.



-right-click on ET.exe, then choose "properties" and in the "Compatibility" tab, tick box "execute with admin rights".

-If it appears the game had admin rights and you deleted it by mistake, then just create a new folder named "screenshots" inside the\each mode folder.



If your game had not these admin rights assigned, the whole of the screenshots previously taken, were probably not saved\created.

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MMMMM does anybody already call u " a hero :D" yes it works now thx a lot ( once again ;) )

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