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  1. This game is really cool ! i play it since like 2 year and i'm classed champ 2 on 3c3 ! I agree with you matchmaking isn't great, it's better in competitive game but still sometimes u fall on a troll and there is a loooooooooooot of salty troll on this game ^^
  2. Hey guys i'm back from inactivity i'm glad to play again and to see you all I'd gladly meet you on serveurs Is it possible for someone to put off my "inactiv member" on forum plz? And be back in the trackbase list ( http://et.trackbase.net/player/3943483/ ) and have my lvl's back on NQ1 would be really great too ! For the moment i play without F|A tag cause i'm affraid to be banned without my lvl's Thank Youuu !! Greets $horky'
  3. Hey guys !! I'm back on ET , starting to play on NQ1 again!! As i don't have any lvl on it i play with the gametag $horky'! I hope i'll see my old friends on it See ya Greets $horky'!!!
  4. hey guys, i've started CS:GO since a moment, i'm actually nova2 ( not that good haha but i'm learning ) feel free to add me on steam : t4nner2 so we could play together!! later! greetz $horky' ( T4nner' in CS)
  5. Yeah i'am actually a big one hehe THX to everyone!
  6. Hey guys once again i'm back on ET idk for how long, i've already played on NQ1 i have kept my ETKey but my lvl have been removed on serveur i guess, let me know if u'll come See ya $horky'
  7. hey guys, i'll will stop ET for a while ( maybe i'll see you on Black ops 2 ) . See ya
  8. hey guys how are u? i sarted playing call of duty black ops 2, so i would know if some FA member are playing it, and if we have a server etc. Cause paying alone is a bit boring greetz $horky'
  9. Feel like i miss ski sooooooooooooo much!

    1. tipsy


      gud sport.

    2. shorky'


      very good :D


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