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How to add Popups in After Effects

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After a lot of requests and questions about how to add popups manually in after effects, I made this tutorial smile




1st Step:




Import the footage into After Effects by just draging it into the Timeline at the bottom.




2nd Step:




Go to the point where the "You killed xxx" text pops up, you can increase the scale of the timebar by adjusting the Controller at the bottom (circled red, moving to left-> timebar scale gets bigger, moving to right -> timebar scale gets smaller)











3rd Step:




Take the Text tool (circled red on the left side), you can change the size/font color on the right side, and write the text you want to see (xxx was killed by xxx's weapon [for example]), and move it to the place you want it by draging it with holding left Mouse button.









4th Step:




Adjust the red timebar to the point where the "You killed xxx" text pops up, you also can do that by holding left Mouse button, IMPORTANT: you have to click on the beginning of the red timebar, otherwise you will just move the timebar.








5th Step:




If you have more than one frag in that clip, push ctrl + d to duplicate the text. You also can use the text tool to do a second text, doesnt really matter smile









6th Step:




Change the text as you want, normally you just should change the player name that got killed, and maybe the weapon name as well. Open the Position Rider by clicking on the Text layer and push "P". You now just have to adjust the y-coordinate, just change it to a number you like, if you like to have much space between the popus, change it to a high number and vica versa. For a "standard" space between the popups (or at least almost), increase the y-coordinate of the first layer (second frag) by 29. Now repeat step 4.









You can continue like this as far as you want. If you want to stop the text showing up, just adjust the end of the red timebar to the point you desire.


I copied this from other site i dont own anything... :D



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