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    no matter what country you are from , the issue of privacy and government intrussion into everyday life affects you , saddly , many people around the world are more concerend about the lives of people they will never meet , have nothing in common with , and for all they know , are complete works of fiction to begin with . i am , of course refering to the celebrities that so many people idolize , and the excuse for a social life that many people call "social media " .....this media circus is meant to confuse and distract people from actual issues that should have thier attention ...the most alarming aspect of this is that when presented with actual facts and details about important issues ,,many people will either deny them as conspiracy theories , or worse , reject the discomfort of reality and hide thier head in the sands of media distraction ...all the while our governments are taking away more and more rights and intruding further into our homes and lives ...to all who have read this far , i thank you for your time and attention ,,,, i will step down from my soap box now , ,,but i will leave you with this ......


     If your head is in the sand , on your knees is where you stand .......if you stand for nothing , then you will surely fall for anything ,,,, and finally ......   I would rather die on my feet , than to live on my knees .......



thank you for your time and attention





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Its called commercial massive brain wash, but most of ppl don't realize that. It comes in simple forms, one of the most effective is watching daily news and general news on the TV. Other is our lovely internet where i assume most of the privacy is being breached to, considering the fact that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on are ideal places for government to pick and gather information about each individual. By doing a simple google search for specific stuff, lets say in this case a new CPU or any other PC components u will be spammed with any kind of popup and addons by various of companies and stores giving u similar offers for parts. I have seen that many times and that's how marketing is being done nowadays.

Less and less private information are hidden from outside the world, most of them that should stay private and would be 10 years ago considered as crazy if anyone would mention it among public audience, but nowadays it seems that ppl are simply copying their "celebrities" by posting various of semi nude pictures, private information about them and so on and so on.

This is so common that most of the ppl are not even unaware of it, as they simply "go with the flow", as what happens among celebrities they should either copy it or do similar stuff as well just to be same.


Could go on and on about this topic, but i guess this sums it up pretty much.

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