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Ol Smoke

Brian Williams...I know what that's like.

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Poor Brian Williams, he got caught up in memory loss problem that all humans share.


Let me tell you this little story that happened last year.


I was with my sister and brother and we were sharing memories of our childhood and things and I started

to tell this story of us living in McNary Arizona when I was 5 years old.  As I was reminiscing it was pointed out

to me that parts of my story didn't happen that way.  But, it didn't happen my sister's way either.  But my brother's

story was right on the money.  How did that happen?


As humans we have the problem of "memory correlation lapse".  We lose parts of our memories over time and 

our brain looks for relative occurences that match those memories and it blends them together, into a whole new

memory.  Our memories are all that we have of our lives.  But every now and then, your brain tricks you.

This happens very much when you are reliving a stressful situation.  The brain shuts out the bad parts and gives you

new memories.  I feel that this is what happened to Brian Williams and his ride in that helicopter.  I, in no way, will

ever call him a liar.  He is just another human dealing with bad memories.




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It's been weird to see the reaction against him. A number of people are calling for his resignation, as if he's more than human and should be chastised for making mistakes that all of us have made at one point or another.


That's the weird thing about celebrity worship in America. We're shocked and outraged when they turn out to have the same failings that we do.

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