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AAAAAAAAAAH, only 10 days til christmas

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Line Out

Line Out

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let the truth be known......why do something today that i can do tomorrow....or the next day....



yes,i procrastinate but  this year, i am making a vow to NOT go shopping two days before Christmas..... 

Kids - toys of any type, right?
Mother - books on Kendal
brother - heh, thats easy, booze of any type will keep him happy and quiet 

nephew - uh...new riffle?  a Tablet?  money toward a car?  pre-paid card?
in-laws - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....good one....um....cant stop thinking of coal right now....clean energy coal.....fresh, black soot free coal.........

brother in law - god how i wish you really could give someone a clue.....dude needs help.

my Wife - not giving diamonds...people die because of them and who the f*** are the DeBeers to tell me how much a clear piece of rock is worth....(and we live very close to Diamond Mine State Park, Arkansas, USA..........a new vaccume?  a new bowling ball?  yet another necklaces......A PUPPY......Two FERRETS???  (no, im not going for a partridge in a pear tree next...seriously..the wife loves, stinky, smelly, mischievously cute and pointy, stinky ferret's ).......we are moving out of the city next year and buying a small, workable farm...3-5 acres...small pond (or will put on in if  we cant find the right plot of land)....also thinking maybe a new garden gnome...(she likes that crap too...maybe one small enough we can take with us on holiday and start doing the whole traveling gnome pic's...speaking of which...my work does a Traveling shirt.  TheUglyShirt.US    ) maybe a new sex swing.....(who is reading this....still paying attention?)   

Or ill just go to the local art district and buy a nice piece of wall art.....or sculpture......

how about you all?  anyone fall prey to the last minute shopping?  what was your worse gift you gave because you dont know how to plan your time?


mine was gift cards of any type for anything...nothing says I DONT CARE ENOUGH TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU MAY LIKE TO HAVE more than a gift card......


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We dont give presents with Christmas but with the Dutch Santa. So no problems for me anymore. Because the Dutch Santa was on 5 December :P

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