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vm_create fail - et legacy


Hi guys. 


So i've managed to get ET Legacy running, however whenever i try join a JayMod server or even just load the mod in game it comes up with the following message:




The same happens when i try to load different mods eg, Silent and NQ


Some help would be much appreciated :)




So i managed to fix it, i'll tell ya what to do for jaymod, the same applies of other mods i'm guessing.


1. download the jaymod manually from here:



2. expand the zip


3. copy and paste the 2.2.0 pk3 file into your jaymod folder in ET Legacy ---> library/application support/et legacy/jaymod


Then you should be on your way :)! So happy i've fixed it!

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You could add [FIXED] in front of your topic title!  :)

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