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How to upload signature on Forums

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OK i have been making signatures for members and regulars and some might get confused with how to put a signature on forums...First of all you need 20+ posts i think to upload a signature and then u should follow this steps...


1- when a person whom you requested makes a signature and posts save it to desktop..


2- Then open www.photobucket.com and make an account ( Its best you make an account so whenver u want to upload any image you can and its save there) or u can use any uploading website and then after you upload an image there just copy your code...


3- when you copy your code open your profile and click edit my profile and then open signature tab on left side and paste the code..,


4- REMEMBER : Your signature may contain upto 2 images and pixel :- 600x150 and 3 URLS and 20 Lines


Well if u need help with anything just pm me or my xfire:ghostridermufeed

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