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PB_ O/S exepcion issue




I've just got a weird issue with PB...


i was playing this night at jay # 2 (as usual) and suddenly i opened the console and....




Ive tough... maybe i dint updated my PB... so i did updated it....




them i came back to the server




i said... oh well this is just an annoying pb spam lets play...


i played for a while and suddenly BAM kicked....






im sure is a client issue cause i keept getting the pb spam even in the menu screen after being kicked


ive typed "hi" after being kicked to show i keep getting pb spam even in menu screen






what can i do to fix this? any ideas?


thx btw for reading this post :D




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I had that same problem long time ago. I updated pb, and after restarted pc and connected to server --->the problem was solved.


Anyway, dunno why, i got the same problem later when i tried to connect to server, then i tought: 'i reinstall et' ; i save the et key, and reinstalled et again--->no more problems with pb.

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I had the same problem.


I restarted my computer and it was gone(believe it or not!!)


But the internet says(PB) to: open your W:ET as administrator, and to set the correct rights!


I got spammed in console alot, and then kicked, I just visited some webs 'n they all said to open as admin and set rights, but I still had the problem, untill someone said he just restarted computer, and that worked.

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yay :lol:


i forgot to restart comp after updating pb


as crips and nani sayed O.o and it worked


:thanks alot crips , nani , and heck



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