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How to Survive Marriage

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Very nice PHANTASM family is everything, iv'e been going with my wife for over 20 years now, And I have 2 boys 17 and 15 both in high school both doing really well, I wouldn't change my life for anything

reason: She would hunt me down and rip my ..... off :o I really like this post :thanks

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We began "Operation: Fill the House with Useless Crap We Don't Need Since My Husband Has A Nice Job" this weekend. I wish I could have just sat in my little room with my screaming kids and played ET instead, but I had to drive around picking up heavy-ass furniture instead. Not much fun when you are 39.


The living room is so full now we can't walk through it in a straight line, it requires several turns to navigate past the couch, recliner, and two futons in front of the TV. The "new" futon is used of course, bought from a friend, and it's covered with cathair. Lovely. Just what I always wanted.


My computer room has been stacked with overflow items that used to be in the kitchen. Smells like bread in here. We get free leftover bread (huge bags) from the St. Louis Bread Company which we redistribute to the community (it's how things work in Missouri - we share like Amish people here).


I have a 400 pound used deep freezer in my truck that I have no room to move to and no one wants to help me unload it. I have to drive 36 miles each way to get to my job in St. Louis (the nearest city to me) with this 400 pound item sucking up my gasoline. I don't even want this fkn freezer, I tried to delay and avoid getting it.

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