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Ol Smoke

How government really works...

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A sewage treatment plant in a large city suddenly shuts down.  The local government is called in to fix the problem.

The mayor says, "We will have to hire a group to study the problem, then make a decision as to who is responsible for the problem."

The sewage treatment plant boss says, "It is not our fault, it has to be the problem of an outside source, using our facility."

"We will track down the party that has caused this mess, and then report back to the mayor's office"

The outside source says, "We are not at fault, it is the sanitation department who is at fault."

Meanwhile the terrible smell has overwhelmed the residents of the city and they demand that the city do something about it.

The mayor's office decides to put in giant spray machines to spray a deodorant into the air, to alleviate the odor.

Then people start noticing that the sewage is coming back up into the sewer pipes, and into their homes. They immediately

create a group to storm city hall and create a protest group.  Soon the TV networks are involved.  Then the DEQ gets involved.

The federal government creates a study group to ascertain the feasibility of putting in a new sewer treatment plant, but finds out that  

there is no land available, except for a farmer Johnson's property.  So the fed's issue a federal injunction on the farmer to confiscate

his land for the better good of the town.  The farmer takes it to court.  The court sides with feds and the farmer is evicted.

Now the entire country is up in arms over this miscarriage of justice for taking the farmer's land.  People come from all over to riot

and bring justice for the farmer.  Several people are shot and killed and others wounded in the melee.  The National Guard is called in

to quell the riot, and others are injured and killed.

During all of this, a sanitation worker at the sewer plant notices that a valve has been accidentally turned the wrong way, shutting off

the outgoing sewer line to the treatment plant.  He turns the wheel that opens the valve and soon the raw sewage is running into the

cleaner system.  Within hours all the problems of the sewage backup, are fixed and the treatment plant is working perfectly.

At the courthouse, meanwhile, the Mayor gets word of what has happened over at the treatment center.  Knowing that if this gets out

he will be a laughing stock of the entire world.  So, he tells the police chief to run over to the plant and have the technician shut the

valve again.  Then inform the tech that he is fired.  The police set up a detention area around the plant so no one can get in or out.

Then the mayor tells the TV people that it looks like sabotage from a dissident who lives in the area and that he has been taken care

of and is in police custody.

Meanwhile the smell is getting worse and nothing is being done.  The mayor makes a statement that he has to attend a very important

meeting of the feds and state government heads and will be away from his office for several days.  In his absence, the deputy mayor,

decides to get to the bottom of everything.  He finds out the truth and has the valve re-opened to again get the treatment plant up and

working properly.  He releases the tech from jail, and fires the police chief, and asks for a recall of the mayor.  The recall vote is taken,

and the mayor is thrown out of office.  Within days everything is back to normal.  Farmer Johnson is back on his farm and the smell is

gone and the sewer is working fine.

Because of the actions of the deputy mayor, the feds look like buffoons, so they find a way to harass the new mayor with threats of loss

of federal monies.  The new mayor tells the feds his town doesn't need fed money anyway.

Within weeks of this harassment from the feds, the electricity has problems, the water has problems, roads are damaged, delivery

trucks don't show up and the IRS starts suits against all the government employees of the town.


Sounds kind of funny doesn't it?   The scary part is, this really happens.  All the time.

And that is how our American government really works.

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Ol' Smoke...I loved this!  As one gets older, one realizes that government is not the answer, but is the cause of many problems.  They create solutions to problems that do not exist, and along the way, mess things up for the vast majority of citizens while claiming to help right an injustice, while creating larger injustices on the masses.


To really get a good understanding of what our government was meant to be and the God Given rights that every person was endowed with by our Creator, and to see how it has been bastardized over the years to what it has become today...go back and read the Federalist Papers.  It provides tremendous insights into the authors meaning and intent of our constitution and directly contradicts the concept of a "living document" as well as that of the "larger government is better crowd".  By far the best written document....EVER!



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