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another question for f|a members(and random ppl)

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aight i got hooked up with a new laptop and im about to move out of my house for college dorm and you dnt expect a college student bringing a desktop do u lol


so im not playing wolfenstein(wow my pro career is over :cry )

BUT!!!!!yes there is a BUT

normal but or

butt.jpgor(lol thats a nice butt :D:D:D:D)

cigarro.jpgwhich ever u prefer(anyways cigs are also called buts)

back to the point does anyone have a ps3??whts ur tag???wht do u play online

anyways hit me up when ur gonna buy resident evil 5 so we caan play

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Heya Twat....

Proud of u... SCHOOL COMES FIRST!!


BUT .. BUTT OR BUTZ... I play ET on my laptop

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