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Red Light Districts Effect On Crime Rate?

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I wonder what the crime rate in the U.S.A. would be if they had a red light district in every major city. For those of you who do not know what a red light district is I will inform you about it here. "A red-light district is a neighborhood or a part of a neighborhood where businesses connected to the sex industry (sex shops, strip clubs, adult theaters etc) exist." In addition to that, pretty much anything drug related is also legal, from Cannabis to Heroine. It is essentially a place to go where you can do whatever drug you want and or pay for adult material or activities.


One side of this issue is an observation made on European cities with red-light districts;


This allows for the city to keep that type of activity out of view from the rest of the city. I mean to say that if you wanted to do those activities there is a place you can go to do it. This way a good chance of keeping that out of the streets is probable. I would seem to be “less likely to encounter a crack smoker in the street behind my house†where I raise my kids because all the crack smokers went to the red light district to smoke their crack leaving the rest of the city free of crack smokers. That is the basic idea but not only for crack smokers but for all red-light district types of activities. This is the case for cities in Europe that have red-light districts. Any of these red-light districts have age requirements to enter such as being the age of 18. I am not entirely sure about that so you might want to look that up.


One may worry that The U.S.A is not like Europe and the same results may not apply.


There are many views to this issue and I would like to know what some of your thoughts are, I only presented a few to get the juices flowing.


Maybe some things to ask when thinking about the issue:


what variables are involved?

what laws would have to change



The Founding Fathers of the U.S.A

U.S. Constitution





Wiki defines Redlight District



Popular Redlight District

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Well in holland our red light district is open for tourist kids and everyone who wanne visit its a neighberhood where you can walk save if you dont make funny remarks or have a big mouth .

Problem with that is when ppl drink or use some dope they think they are godlike or at least better as the rest :) so there is a bit of a problem cos lots visitors drink .

In my village lots young ppl try to use weed (old ppl to) cos its pritty easy to use and buy it never give problems .

However if they use alcohol or a combination of the both the stragest things happen :) ,maybe you can imagine what happens to a girl of 14 who uses both and is only half dressed . But i think if your a parrent and you let your girl of 14 out of site in the middle of the night they shoold take your balls off (from both) .


so in holland sexindustrie is normal softdrugs is normal but drinking makes it all go to hell . I have a restaurant and a bar and i never and i mean never sell the stuff to children and also never sell tabac to underaged .



all in all i think the gouvernment shoold give moore responsebiliti to ppl (aka parrents ) and allow moore and punish harder if law is broken .

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from 26 to 30. april im gona be in AMSTERDAM!!! with my class

its going to be soo fu**ing awesome!!! :yahoo

ill try not to smoke so much weed since im not used to it ;)

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Interesting idea you have there Methuselah. I think there are some cultural differences which would make such a thing fairly difficult to execute in a proper fashion. I wish I wasn't on a time constraint ATM so I could go more in depth. Suffice to say that from my experience, I think .D... makes a pretty valid point about involving alcohol + other drugs in such an area. Alcohol seems to be a catalyst for bad behavior when compared to weed, heroine, etc


It seems though that if there were a redlight district in every major city in the states, it should be easier to enforce what laws there are regarding proper social interactions.


Dunno..just my 2c worth.

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