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News Gamserver Redirect Service

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Disk Space - 2Gigabytes


Monthly Bandwidth - 300Gigabytes




  • You are only allowed to use our redirect service for .pk3's only.
  • We don't allow any kind of illegal software, .exe or media file sharing using our high speed bandwidth.
  • User accounts are not to be used for any illegal activity. We are not responsible for your activitis.
  • User accounts are not for resale. They are not to be rented, sold or leased by another people/company.
  • Account will be suspended if someone uses more then 300Gb BW till next BW cycle.
  • Client can order extra BW at added cost.
  • You are only responsible for your backups and files.




  • Payments must be made in full on or before their due date or account will be suspended.
  • Fearless Assassins redirect service doesn't support refunding.
  • If you want to cancel your service, please do so before the next paypal subscription payment.



Game Redirect Service Connection:

  1. Fearless Assassins is not responsible for connection loss.
  2. Fearless Assassins reserves the right to change redirect URL or change IP at any time at the discretion of the client/admin.



Correspondence with Fearless Assassins:

  • Any type of inappropriate communication with a Fearless Assassins admin or forum moderator can result in a permanent ban and suspention in service.


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