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in the last two/three days, my ping has shot up to 300 from 80 increasing day by day. This is the case, in the silent1, hardcore and sw1 servers and the lag is getting pretty unplayable :/

However my ping is completly fine in other non fa servers.


so it would be great if anyone could help me

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-in order to get more details about this problem, you may run a WinMTR (32,64). This tool will show us if it's a server or a client side issue. Also, read this: http://fearless-assassins.com/forum-11/announcement-9-how-to-recognize-your-lag/


-if there's no doubt, and it's server side, then report it in Tracker Section with your WinMTR analysis pasted on your post.



If it's not the case, then start with these solutions for now:

-some broken or junk files can create this kind of probs. To get rid of these files, download and run our Pk3 Cleaner: http://fearless-assa...to-pk3-cleaner/


-a huge amount of maps in your etmain can have the same effect. Try to get rid and to store in an isolated folder the maps unused in your etmain folder.


-a lack in the allocated RAM can also make lags. In the shortcut of your game add some commands at the end of the path of your game in order to increase it. Right click on the icon of the shortcut of your game, properties, shortcut tab, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set com_hunkmegs 320 +set com_soundmegs 128 +set com_zonemegs 64

It should look like this:


Once it's done, to get fully the effect of these settings, connect yourself on one of our servers, and type all this in your console:

\com_hunkmegs 320

\com_soundmegs 128

\com_zonemegs 64


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hi everyone


well i just went back ingame and my ping was back to normal, to the region of 70-80 and  the lag was gone.


however i would like to thank you guys anyway

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Glad to hear it!! Enjoy!  :)

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