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DIdnt really know where to post this, so i did it here, ive been a new member 4 like 4 months and still havent been upgraded to a full member :/ i can only warn people at the moment and have been asking arnd for a while how to get upgraded to a full member but no1 has been able to whilst i have been online :( little help?

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You automatically loose access to private section on forums if you come in the case mentioned below:


1. If you don't login on forums even once within 45 days. - Forums auto move you to general members group.


2. Even if you login and don't make at least 5 post it will move you back to forum user group.


Forums does send email notifications before moving inactive members to general forum user group.


The above 2 rules where added when we saw we have more inactive members then active members which no one knows where they went.


It's simple logic. if you don't keep in contact with friends, friends wouldn't care for you either.


More or less we can't keep running clan with majority of inactive clan members. Roster will always have list of active members. FYI roster list is auto generated from forums at every night.


I have fixed your forums permission and for server contact leaders / co leaders.

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