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Ol Smoke

Game problems in today's market...

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Let me start with this bit of a story of two companies that I worked with back in my x-ray tech days.  Picker and GE.

Picker would test and test and test until their products worked flawlessly.  Then they sold them.  GE would get the

major bugs worked out and then sell their systems.  They would let real world techs find the problems and then they

would fix them.  Why would they do that?  It costs them less to have you find the problem, than paying a bunch of

people to find them.


This is the same thing today in these new games that are coming out.  I knew several game testers and they got

paid by the hour for testing the beta games for bugs.  Then when they got done testing they would send their

reports back to the company.  The company would fix the bug and have them play them again, until the bugs were

all fixed.  Then they would release the game.  Sure there were some bugs that showed up from time to time in weird

situations, but mostly they ran good.


But today's game manufacturers are not geared that way.  The bottom line is the release date and they will meet that

date, no matter what.  So the games go out with known and unknown bugs in them.  The players start ditching about the

game, and they find the problem and send out patches.  You guys are unpaid beta testers.  Happens in every game today.

Why?  Money.  Cut back on personnel and save them dollars for the investors.  You get a crap game but they still got your

money.  And guess what,  you can't return a defective game, because you opened the package.

Welcome to the 21st century of doing business.


As I have always said.  Don't buy the game for at least 6 months.  If everyone would do that, the manufacturers would have

to find another way to do business.  You the purchaser, have all the cards,  call their bluff next time.  Just wait till it gets fixed.

With the Xboxes and PS4 or whatever,  I would never buy a game.  I would only rent it.


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Well actually I didn´t mind that game publishers rushed for dates because some games wouldn´t come out in a decade. But what I hate if I payed a lot of money in release date or even pre-ordered it and after the official forums are flooded with bug reports, no answers, no patches and even after half of year the same situation. Thats frustrating. And you have a point there, usually with developers I don´t trust(Ubisoft) I wait for couple of month after realase and then google: game_name bug(s) and if the results show up no improvement on game then I´ll wait a bit more and buy it for 10$ ;)

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