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Answer me! #4

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I'm going to have to be the odd one out and say no internet :o
Just because I have spent most of my life (so far) without it, am hardly using it so wouldn't be missed.
Cell/mobile phones to me are more important for safety and travel reasons ( I attended high school over an hour away and my mobile was my life saver if I missed the school bus and needed to call my mum)
Also for the times I am in hospital with my little one and need to contact MaKy

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puhh, hard one.. i think i would keep the cellphones

im spending too much time on the internet anyway :P

so without it i could contact some people and enjoy the world... but when i think about it.. i would propably play angrybirds all day anyway xD

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Kill off the modern day cellphone. Hate being involved in people's conversation in public areas. I don't care that your son Johnny is complaining about not getting the new COD4 Ghost game. And kill off the Bluetooth earpiece inventor. Don't know whether someone is talking to me or just nuts and having a conversation with themselves.

We have a winner!

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