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Ol Smoke

Repairing the gutter drain pipes...

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A week or so ago we had a horrible rain system come through here and dump about 2" of water on to us, before it headed for Colorado.

I had not gone up on the roof and cleaned the gutters from last spring and fall so they were full of leaves and stuff.  Well they overflowed

and damaged the pipes and gutters so I have been working my ass off fixing the gutter system.  This last week I have been doing the last

of it.  I had to replace the drain pipe that the gutters flow into.  This involves both sides and the front of the house.  I didn't get pictures of

the other side but I took some today before I finished up the job and covered it with dirt.  This is what being a home owner is all about.

Fixing stuff and playing COD4 is all I do anymore,  besides chasing hookers on Beale Street with Phoenix.  Good times.



bdlkd5.jpg   2hs82tz.jpg

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Just a random thought with broken pipes came in my mind. Lately there have been news in my country about broken fresh water pipes on owners part of land which produced huge bills, and the same with wires in ground for electricity. So if you are digging already maybe check them up also;)

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