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Ol Smoke

The dinner of almost champions...

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Danica Patrick, NASCAR racer, crashed in Dover on Saturday and was put out of the race by no other than her current boyfriend.

When asked if there would be repercussions with him she said, "No, we just talked about it, and I got on my bus and went home".

Here is what she had for dinner on the bus ride home....


“Went home and went right to bed,†said Patrick. “I think I ate something on my bus. I think I had half of a banana, a little chocolate protein shake and two beers. That’s what I had.â€

Now that's how it is done in NASCAR.  Doesn't that sound just scrumptious   chocolate shake, banana, and beer?  hmmmm  num num

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Ah Nascar where you keep turning left. Sorry I could not help myself.



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