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CJ Brewer aka .nAbish?

Got my "New" Computer...

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So my dad finally got my "new" computer built. It's AGES old, and pretty slow.. if anyone has any old computer parts they'd like to get rid of or sell cheap, please let me know.. Just basically any extra ram you might have or maybe even a Video card... Anything helps! And even if I lag like crazy and/or suck I'll still hang around in spec talking/chatting to everyone, unless server is full I'll disconnect so I won't take up a slot.


Thanks in advance,


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This is basically what my cpu looks like, literally no damn lie.

Do you mean your 'Computer Case'? The 'CPU' is the main chip that goes inside.




If you want old parts, you or your Dad will have to be very specific on what slots the motherboard has, especially for RAM and VidCards. The RAM timings (RAS,CAS,precharge, etc) should be specified or else somebody might send you slower ram sticks and you will end up with more, but slower overall RAM speed.


BTW, the case may be old-style, but some people can put tigers in such tanks.

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