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Ol Smoke

Have you seen a modded map of COD4.....

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When I was with #UF# they had a modded server for COD4, which they don't have anymore. Someone had modded the original maps and one of the best

was Crossfire. The guy had changed the map quite a bit. He opened up the upper floors, and included a back alley from the fenced car lot up to the big gates

behind the Marine spawn area.


Has anyone on here ever played this map? I have looked the internet over to try to find this one map, but to no avail. #UF# doesn't have it anymore.


Here are some screenshots I made of the original map so you can see what I am talking about. The red arrows point to open playable areas. Sorry about the size.

Use the magnifier.





All of these areas were open to usage.



In the above picture you could climb up the ladder and also shoot from the top floor.




This wall was not there and you could come in through here.


This alley way connects to the next picture.




There were obstacles in that alley way to hide behind and shoot from. It came out here.


All in all it was the best map I ever played. I wish I could find it and maybe have the =F|A= put it on one of their servers.

It was limited to 40 players. You would think it would be a severe sniper map,but it wasn't. It actually was more fun to run around on.

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Never seen it. But after some thinking it sounds like its the crossfire map from singelplayer, but made for multiplayer. Thats the only thing i can think of.

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