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1999 Cherokee or 2000 Cougar

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So I am stuck 50/50 between which of my vehicles I want to keep. I've a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Was my first vehicle. And I've a 2000 Mercury Cougar. Bought it because I was tired of the problems with my Jeep and the gas mileage. I've gone through everything I can think of to help make a decision such as specs, which one drives better, ect.. I'm not worried about any money that it would cost to fix up either vehicle. So this is what I came up with...


Cherokee post-9846-0-47501700-1358895706_thumb.jpg



4 Wheel Drive

Vehicle Height

More space for cargo and passengers

More accessories available to buy

Amazing in snow

Handles good



Needs work. (windshield leaks, auto locks don't work, tires, no heat/ac)


Fan belt squeaks. (fixed it, month or 2 later, squeaks again ect)

Gas Mileage (16city/19hwy)



Cougar post-9846-0-78107300-1358895915_thumb.jpg



Faster than Jeep

Looks cool

Gas Mileage (24city/32hwy)


Handles good

Fantastic brakes

Front Wheel Drive



Sucks in snow. (most likely needs snow tires though)

Barely any leg space for passengers

Minor work needed (sunroof motor, driver seat doesn't fold up, trunk button doesn't work)


Jeep is better in the snow, though the Cougar is better for summer driving.

Cougar has great gas mileage but is that worth keeping and not feeling safe for the winters? Maybe I should invest in winter tires for the Cougar then decide. I don't want to spend few hundred $$$ and find out it didn't help.

I'm just lookin' for a little outside help.


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I did a few kms whith that 2 cars.

And for me the cherokee its much more fun,yes,the cougar its more fast but whith the jeep you can do

a lot more things,and believe me,on snow,sand or "offroad" in general its much more fast and can take you a very nice places that the cougar never can do it.


About fan belt,maybe a bad fix,no? its not normal!


Its only my opinion based in a few kms whith that 2 cars,ok?


Good luck whith your choice,bye






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Yeah it looks like I'm leaning towards the jeep the more and more i think about it. Gas mileage won't be to big of an issue once my gf finally gets her vehicle this spring.

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Keep the Cherokee. Fix it up and keep it up. It will be going years after that Cougar has hit the reclaimer lot.

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