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The Massive Smile Project

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I want to share this with you, just because it's a lovely song. The song was originally made by Daniel Ingram for the show My little Pony - Friendship is Magic. As you might know, there is a big community out there, known as bronies, mostly male adult men, who watch the show regardless of the initial target audience. The brony community has some splendid artists and musicians and one of them, Forest Rain, came up with the idea to make the following, have some copypaste from the website http://massivesmileproject.com/ :


The Massive Smile! Project is a version of Pinkie’s Smile! Song done in the style of “We Are The World”, featuring some of the best brony musicians, with solos from Cyril the Wolf, Decibelle, F3nning, Forest Rain, Glaze, Jenny Nicholson, Kryptage, The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Osoth, and Spectracle, as well as instrumental contributions from Ashfire, Equestria Dude, and Poni1Kenobi. The project was created, and the track produced by Forest Rain.


The Massive Smile! Project has partnered with Bronies for Good, and will be released alongside their upcoming charity album “Seeds of Kindness”. All proceeds from the sale of the album are going to the non-profit organization Your Siblings, in order to help build, supply, and operate a clinic in Uganda, where there is less than one doctor per 12,000 people.


A video is also in production, featuring the animating talents of Brony Dance Party and EnvyKitty, as well as contributions from several artists!


Donations have reached roughly 15000 $ so far.

Additionally to the 11 soloists, a chorus of almost 160 people (with me being one of them :) ) was recorded and put in.

So listen to it and don't forget to smile,smile,smile ! :)

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Always a good cause. I am surprised that 100% of donations are passed through to the projects, usually there is always a cost for administration, advertising, etc. Kudos to them for breaking past that barrier.

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