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Me is always right

Me is right, me is always right!

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Just like i told you.


On the ET noob server, every "risk", "ETC", "[acc]", and "$k"(passtek) clan member, uses cheats.


I kept telling you about it since the first time i saw them.


oh and, look at this!





One of the them got caught.


And as expected he's throwing some usual retarded cheaters excuses "my friend/dog/brother/sister playing on my IP".


He was making fun of me when i was calling him a cheater.



Instead of giving me a very high level admin, some kind of superior rank, high skilled player/cheat buster, some random admin reseted my XP from +70.000 to zero, just for fun.


Some cheaters with a level even kicks and mutes me.


But at least i get the satisfaction to be superior, clever, smarter, to be RIGHT.


At the very end, me is right, me is always right.



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Okay here is the deal:


Use the Cheater report section to report cheaters, with:

  • Demo zipped and attached to post.
  • Suspicious moments highlighted( exact information, else it takes more time to look into it )


Then wait, stop bumping and reposting it.


If you suspect someone else, same process!


What you shouldn't do:

  • Insulting our admins, doubting our members cheater spotting skills or even accusing us of cheat. (If you suspect any admin use the Contact Us button) lame accuses will end up in forum/server ban, first and last warn.
  • Accusing on server(with or without proof), accusing on forum without proof.
  • Creating senseless topics(like this)

I will lock this topic, create another and will remove your posting ability.

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