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  1. help me

    /com_hunkmegs 128 w konsoli ~ i reconnect
  2. pliz only not fueldump! can we try with this one? http://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/284-darji-20-darji2pk3/
  3. recipe for cool drinks

  4. Me is right, me is always right!

  5. Mouse DPI

    dk just buy mx518 or da:)
  6. Mouse DPI

    less>betaa for et
  7. Server Update NQ Server Updated

    // Controls player spawning behavior. // Players spawn at closest- or random-spawn location (Values 0-default ET or 1 respectively). set nq_playerspawning 0 should solve problem with spawning on walls lags proly come with pb can we force all peeps to have settings like rate 32000 maxpackets 100 snaps 20? for dual colts add this line to ur config seta cg_limbo_secondary "2"
  8. Hello all!

    ey mate welcome to fa grtz doomy
  9. Weird crounching

    cg_bobpitch 0 cg_bobroll 0 cg_bobup 0 cg_bobyaw 0 should help
  10. et server suggestion Suggeestion for NQ server.

    imo +1 jonas with rifle, should be max 4per team or lowered dmg, at some maps,(tunnels) panza,flame,rifles arty is tooo much, also can we have back default spawnshield time?
  11. Leningrad map request on Nq

    lahging crap
  12. Mortar cam

    all hws on nq but rly mortar is kinda useless without cam and with this low recharge speed , was trying to use but 2-3shoots per minute...
  13. NoQuarter Next Map Rotation

    adler should stay rest out, from new maps could only see on server baserace desert and wot about maps like castle fatamorgana cathedral caen 2 jes we dont need more lags