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Ill be back somewhat soon!

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Sorry guys, i havent been active lately. my gaming pc's motherboard was RMA'd (returned) for a replacement. Unfortunately, I have to ship it across the US to Cali. My new motherboard probably wont even come till February. Then we have to hope its 100% functioning.


Coincidentally, at the same time that we RMA'd the motherboard, my general use pc died. -_-. PSU and Motherboard failure. It was due to die anyway...it was a single core pc..Intel pentium 4. We replaced everything with working parts from a space pc (my previous gaming system) but cant seem to get it working...So theres only one pc in the house. and im not allowed to game on it.


Anyway, I hope to see all of you around!!

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:bye_2: and come back soon frag on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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