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Which is the person that you most admire, and why? (can be an actor or a public person)

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Joe <3 and Alex :D


But irl My Mom - (she can be a b*** sometimes but everytime when i needed any help she was there for me, when i was young, she used to work in 4 jobs just to earn money for herself me and my bro when my fukin father was always somewhere away,fuken drunk with his buddies) , and my beloved aunt (she died few years ago, damn i miss her so much ;( . She was terribly sick ,and even that couldn't stop her from helping other people).... damn ive said too much i guess :D

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My oldest brother. He has put up with so much in his life. I would have put a gun to my head if it were me.


He goes to work in the coal mine right out of high school. There for 6 years & the EPA says that coal isn't good for America. Bam... Out of work and jobs are few. He goes and works as a deckhand on a river barge. Sucks but it's a paycheck. He meets this girl (who is clinically insane btw) and she tricks him into getting married because she "thought" she was pregnant. They get married & have 2 kids. When the youngest is born, she is soon found to be mentally retarded among other things. About that same time, the oldest one is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. He becomes a long haul truck driver... the best way he is able to pay the bills. A couple years later, his wife finally goes off the deep end. She files for divorce and gets him thrown in jail by lying. Every charge from petty theft to attempted murder. (hell, he wasn't even in the State when she claimed half of these things took place. Even tried to charge ME with attempted murder because I pulled a gun on her when she broke into my parent's house at 3 a.m.) They finally get divorced. He finds a coal mine job to be home more often for his kids. Has an affair with my ex-boss's wife (awkward) and marries her. His son dies and the funeral got ugly with the exwife's family there (we had the numbers on them and they backed down in time for the funeral). He's at the coal mine and gets caught in a collapse. Too unstable to move him to a trauma center (blood pressure was 60/40) and told us he would die in that community hospital. He said he met his son who told him it wasn't his time and he survived. But being crushed from the waist down was told he would never walk again. 2 years later, he took his first steps unassisted. Disability office says he can go back to light duty work, but the coal mine won't touch him. (so much for taking care of your own) and has been unemployed for the past 9 years. Then 2 years ago he has a Heart Attack. Said he saw his son again with the same message it wasn't his time. He survived again. He says God just won't put him out of his misery.


Throughout this, he has always kept his head up, which I think is amazing. Therefore, he is the person I look up to the most and respect.


I applaud anyone who read this whole thing. And I applaud myself for typing it on my iPhone. Can you say thumb cramp?

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Everybody deserve my admiration cus all the world have problems worst than mine and they solve them, people is amazing, but if i have to do a list, maybe in top should be my father and mom.

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