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Silent server problem


ok so heres my problem every time i try to connect to the hardcore server et goes black and only shows outlines and i cant even read the error message but i went into the silent folder and found this crash info log which im not sure if its connected to the issue but here it is.


-8<------- Crash Information ------->8-

Please forward to silEnT mod team.


Version: 0.5.0 Win32

Map: supplydepot2

Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)

Exception Address: 0x300350f7

DLL Information:

0x00400000 ET

0x7c900000 ntdll

0x7c800000 kernel32

0x77dd0000 ADVAPI32

0x77e70000 RPCRT4

0x77fe0000 Secur32

0x76b40000 WINMM

0x77f10000 GDI32

0x7e410000 USER32

0x71ad0000 WSOCK32

0x71ab0000 WS2_32

0x77c10000 msvcrt

0x71aa0000 WS2HELP

0x774e0000 ole32

0x7c9c0000 SHELL32

0x77f60000 SHLWAPI

0x76390000 IMM32

0x773d0000 comctl32

0x5d090000 comctl32

0x74720000 MSCTF

0x60d20000 ASOEHOOK

0x77120000 OLEAUT32

0x78520000 MSVCR90

0x78480000 MSVCP90

0x755c0000 msctfime

0x5ed00000 opengl32

0x68b20000 GLU32

0x73760000 DDRAW

0x73bc0000 DCIMAN32

0x69030000 atioglxx

0x77c00000 VERSION

0x027e0000 atiadlxx

0x77920000 SETUPAPI

0x78130000 MSVCR80

0x76c30000 WINTRUST

0x77a80000 CRYPT32

0x77b20000 MSASN1

0x76c90000 IMAGEHLP

0x76fd0000 CLBCATQ

0x77050000 COMRes

0x73f10000 dsound

0x72d20000 wdmaud

0x72d10000 msacm32

0x77be0000 MSACM32

0x77bd0000 midimap

0x73ee0000 KsUser

0x71a50000 mswsock

0x662b0000 hnetcfg

0x71a90000 wshtcpip

0x76f20000 DNSAPI

0x76d60000 iphlpapi

0x76fb0000 winrnr

0x76f60000 WLDAP32

0x76fc0000 rasadhlp

0x16f30000 pbcl

0x76bf0000 psapi

0x12d90000 pbag

0x17140000 pbsv

0x40000000 ui_mp_x86

0x30000000 cgame_mp_x86

0x59a60000 DBGHELP

(0) C:\PROGRA~1\WOLFEN~1\silent\cgame_mp_x86.dll [0x300350f7]

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