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It's official now - we are a police state

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I'm not from America myself and many Americans would consider me to be from a 'Socialist country.' I personally however, would rather be tortured for 50 years, than give up my liberty for 5. (Remember guys, that is NOT an invitation. :D)


John Locke, a philosopher who was a big inspiration for the American Constitution, stated that there was a social contract between the government and the people, where the people will give up a part off their liberty, for security. Well if I had that contract infront off my face, I would shred it too pieces. For me, there is no more important human right, than your liberty (and with that, a right for privacy). Because not even a million terrorists, can make me fear more for my life, than a government that can detain and control my life, when ever they d*mn well please. Because a government can actually make it legal, to do with you whatever they d*mn well please.


But hey, that's just my two cents at 2:45 am... lol

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