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would this be considered Police harassment of some sort?


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  1. 1. Is this police harassment?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
    • Shut up & pay the tickets!

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I am for seatbelts ... they save lives, no question there, my point was the amount of the fine.. there

is no one to keep the city/county/state in check when it comes to their fine amounts. If a ticket for expired

inspection sticker turns into $500+ fine due to failure to appear thats crazy. Sure its your own fault for not

taking care of it when you was suppose to but REALLY?.

A friend of mine that is unemployed goes and turns himself in and does time served for any traffic fines he

gets. His logic is that its like working and he gets free meals (better than McDonalds)

My suggestion is that revenue that comes in from traffic fines be used for something besides police salaries

and bonus. Police really should be there to serve and protect and not as a business making money to line their

own pockets.

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get a lawyer first. explain your situation. if u go with lawsuite then i am preety sure that you wont win, since you dont have any solid proof.

atleast lawyer will help you get rid of those tickets.


a lawsuite lawyer will charge u a lotta money. by time the lawsuite is over you would have lost way more than 3000 bucks.


just get a lawyer and try to get rid of your tickets, may be the judge will reduce your fines.

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sounds like it lol but dont feel bad i get harrassed by police all the time

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