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Zee BOTS!!


So excuse me if this has been covered.. I searched briefly for a similar topic but could not find anything. So basically, I hate the bots, like most do, and when there are 5 real people on each side, the bots have been removed..


How do you do that.. !putteam 65mm s seems like a pain in the ass to do for 6+ bots. There was a command like !kickomni or something, but its not there anymore, plus I didnt think it worked anyway.. Also, can you kick them? Or does that eff up the server? I dont want to go around breaking the server, but people always ask me early in the morning to take the bots away.


So how can the bots be removed? And is that even ok, or are they supposed to stay?



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Actually on ETPub omni's where broken. I have added new scripts and it should be fine by now. Since last 5 hrs haven't seen any issue.


If their are more then 6 vs 6 players playing and omni's are not willing to leave our server :( then you can use new command !omnifix.


You are on level 4 and you will have that command.


Note: Only use that command if their are more 6 vs 6 players "playing" excluding spec.


Edit: Your forums access has been updated.



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