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Server Update F|A ETPUB RECRUITING XPS - Updated!

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Due to recent hack attacks we have updated our Etpub.




New things in Etpub:


1. !mute will mute them totally. No more PM spam after mute.

2. Panzer will be removed from player after 45 mins (you can suggest new time but i had chosen depending on 20 mins + 20 mins aka 2 maps avg). 5 mins will be given to other players to grab panzer if they like to do so. If they don't pick up in those 5 mins previous panzer user can use it back.

3. shoutcaster added. Members (level 4+) can use shoutcaster. PM me for pass.

4. !freeze and !unfree commands.

5. New country flags. So you guys can help depending on language.

6./pmspec , /ftspec or /stspec. If you feel someone is recruiting or bitching in PM's admin can turn on PM spec using /pmspec. You should be spectator to watch PM, team and FT chat. @s1a thanks :D

7. You can now use custom voice chats. Ex. /vsay hi hellloooo.

8. New spawn protection. Removes the spawn protection when the player fires his first shot or if he reaches 4 sec. Which ever comes first.

9. /kill - Etpro style.

10. MG42 can give HS now.

11. Revive spree for medics.


Future updates:

Level 3+ users will be able to have xp upto 99K, Level 2 up to 70K and rest will be at 50K.


Feel free to post bugs. I will to try to fix it asap.


@admins. !balance will be broken for 10 days. Use it after 10 days. Till then !shuffle.

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I have added new commands for shoutcaster on ETPUB. You can use !ms and !rs now on Etpub also. Enjoy!

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