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"The problem is nobody is taking care of it."- Silverthorn


Now, i am glad you're on our side and everything about getting rid of cheaters, but to say that nobody is taking care of it is a little on the offside (which you probably dont mean). Im in the servers everyday (jay2 specifically) to try and keep the servers under control. i see you there helping out as well. thank you! and well said in your post bud see you on the server!

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I dunno which Server you play on, but actually alot of things affect our aim. Pings (if you play as european on a US server, or reverse), Lags (FPS or net), your own connection speed,

your pc (how old is your pc, how good is the GC and processor), the mouse (everyone got a different opinion about whats a good mouse, but mouse can cause lags

and some are just not made for playing games) also if you play with headphones (to hear footsteps way earlier) and your own reaction.

also if you play for years the same maps over and over again, you just know where players run and where the most hiding spots are. its common game sense.

if you hit someone first with headshot or he hit you, did he use adren and you dont and also servers have different hitboxes.



there are other user who can explain these things better than me with my bad english (lol)

if you watch a etpro match of a good team, you probably think they all hack and bot, thats what i thought after watching the first.

to call someone hacker, just because he maybe have better equipment, reactions and/or game sense isnt cool either.

today with all these humanized aimbots its hard to tell if someone hacks or is just a good player.

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Seriously folks. I have seen this often, say 30 players. 27 of them have normal scores, 20 point spread, couple of guys a little over that a few way below. Three super high scores very low deaths. Often one will check out as probably clean, sniper, mortar, arty kills. The other two I watch run the map as medic or what ever, mixing it up in combat at close range most of the game, and hardly ever die. killing 60 to 150 with 10 to 30 death respectively. REALLY? Do I look that stupid. I don’t even like being seen in public standing next to people stupid enough to buy that bullshit.


I am not suggesting high sores can not be obtained with out cheating. I am not suggesting all high scores indicate a cheat was used. Not at all. High scores; with careful play, skill, opportunity, can be and are achieved.


Kind of contradicting tbh.


Please don't be offended, after making all this long post and all, but saying things like we don't do anything about it, and calling cheaters all the things you call them. (This is a just a game after all. Cheaters cheat, they are banned), I can only say your view on the matter is rather extreme, and kind of out of touch with reality. But if you help us out, we appreciate it, really.


Also, once again (Said this on your other thread), ET is old. Resources are put aside for events, tournies and whatever for Modern Titles. Even if there were no cheaters, I doubt we would see any of that stuff in the ET community (but who is to say for sure).


Just out of curiosity: If a good friend of yours, or (even better) a family member came to you and admitted that they cheat at some online game, would you consider them a scumbag? Really?

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Let me say this, no system is perfect. Yes there are some hacks that are hard to detect and unfortunately we have had members that turned to using hacks but we as an orginization are at the forefront of catching cheaters for the following reasons.


PB running on all servers including CVAR scans-

All servers stream to PBBANS-

Daredevil is actually staff at PBBANS-

We have many watchful members and regulars who spec and ban cheaters-

We have zero tolerence for cheaters if you have ban from 10 years ago you cant become an FA member.


The truth is that because ET is an old game it doesnt get good service Evenbalance remember 9014 kicks from last year.

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tl dr, all I see is a noskilled player ramblings nothing coherent. We have a anti cheat system that works. There are no cheaters on our servers, if one connects he/she gets busted in the first few minutes. You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

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