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April 1 kick in the pills

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Ok who's bright idea was it to have all the pics flip when you put the mouse over it....


I suggest a kick to the pills. and if it isnt a male staff member then I suggest we say something hurtful to the female staff member.. maybe something like "hey unibrow... stop flipping my pictures."


We had a good one on the radio today.. they even included the mayor. New bylaw passes last night in city council... anyone who has NOT taken down their Christmas lights by 9am on April 2nd will be issued a $250.00 fine.


Neighbors who report other will get a credit on their property taxes for the upcoming year.


They had LOTS of callers... some really in favor and others saying they didnt get enough warning... HA HA



NEVER believe anything on April 1st... I cant believe I just wrote that. :blink:

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They told us that the Calgary Flames would re-play the Anaheim ducks after the bad call toronto made calling "no goal" that basically ended Calgary playoff chances (they would count the goal and replay the game from that point.) :(


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