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How to Upload ET Demos on Youtube - Good quality Videos - Enemy Territory

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I received a message on my profile from jaie, On how to upload ET demos on Youtube.


First of all, the demos need to be an avi file, You can choose many ways to do this, Xfire In-game recording, Which is probably the most common and easy way to do it, or you can use fraps, I personally use fraps



For fraps - You can download it off the internet of course, or you can buy it. I won't tell where you can get it, you can search that up yourself, but either way when you get fraps. and install it, make sure you have all the right key bindings and options. here's mine:




These options won't exactly work on any pc, it all depends on your cpu, gfx card, and screen refresh rate, I cap the fps to 60 on fraps, and lock the frames and I cap my fps in et to what my refresh rate is, Mine is 75 Hertz, which means, I cap my fps to 75, This is the most smoothest way to get good and non-Skippy recording. and also good for gaming too, with smooth fps.




As you can see I have a HP w1707 Wide LCD Monitor, this can get refresh rate up to 75 max, all monitors are different when it comes to this refresh rate, some can get over 75, or some can only get 60, or lower. whichever number your monitor can support, cap the number in-game when you open ET /com_maxfps *NUMBER*


A screen resolution of 1024*768 - or 800*600 on ET is best for smooth recording for fraps. Once you record your video, open the location where you want to save the videos, find them, and then open up windows movie maker, if you don't have you can download it.


Open Movie maker and place the fraps AVI video inside, put it down the Sideshow screen below, this is where you can cut out parts of the AVI file If you wish, or add effects to it, after you've done this, click on "file" of the upper left side of the program, and "publish movie" Pick "This Computer" name the movie anything you want, and a place you wish to find the movie after you publish it.


Now, Don't click on "Best Quality for playback on my computer", Instead pick "More settings:" you can either pick "windows media HD 720p (5.9 mbps) the 720p is for the youtube quality, or "windows media HD 1080p (7.8 mbps) This will also appear on the quality when you upload this on youtube, I personally pick 720p because quality over that doesn't make much a difference, Once you pick a HD setting, choose "Publish" after it's done, you have yourself a good quality .wmv file. upload the video on youtube, and there you should have good quality ET video on youtube smile.gif



But then there's the xfire way, it's simply the same as fraps, make sure your fps is capped at the right settings, go in-game watch the demo and record using your xfire record key bind, find the folder you keep your videos at, drag em to movie maker and select the HD setting, make it to a .wmv file instead of avi (because avi's are just too damn big for youtube) up load and have fun biggrin.gif

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A well called for tutorial :) i have seen your videos and they are great quality so i hope this is your personal technique :-)

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