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No internet for Egypt

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Thing is that this wouldn't happen in the USA, Canada, or more other western countries. What the people want to see is that the gov't isn't corrupt. I'm not say that the USA gov't isn't corrupt (b/c every country is corrupt) but you don't see it.


People need to think that they have rights and that their vote counts.

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egypt government thinks than shutting internet down will stop or prevent such a incoming catastrophe


but it just leads the way to create a stand alone complex... did anyone saw ghost in the shell :rolleyes:?


"While originally intended to "underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure,"Stand Alone Complex eventually came to represent a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort


A Stand Alone Complex can be compared to the emergent copycat behavior that often occurs after incidents such as serial murders or terrorist attacks. An incident catches the public's attention and certain types of people "get on the bandwagon", so to speak. It is particularly apparent when the incident appears to be the result of well-known political or religious beliefs, but it can also occur in response to intense media attention. For example, a mere fire, no matter the number of deaths, is just a garden variety tragedy. However, if the right kind of people begin to believe it was arson, caused by deliberate action, the threat that more arsons will be committed increases drastically." taken from -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_Ghost_in_the_Shell#Stand_Alone_Complex

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