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College Pro Painters

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I'm currently in the interview process through college pro painters for becoming a franchisee and I was just curious to see if anyone here has had any experiences with them? I've trolled a couple forums and read very mixed reviews from franchisees, painters and customers and I'd just like to make sure I know as much about what I could potentially be getting into before I do it.

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I know they were around back when I was in college. I never worked for them though.


If you like painting, you might enjoy it. Painting doesn't pay much but it is kind of relaxing work as long as you are not outside in the summer when it is super hot. Then it is awful.


Don't let them make you give them any money to buy a franchise - you could easily start your own painting business just offering to paint people's houses on craigslist.


If it is a real job, then great. Any job is good these days.

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Hey, my name is Conor Gordon, and I was a College Pro Franchise Manager last summer in Toronto. In terms of seeing mixed reviews, everyone has different experiences with College Pro, however your experience is what you make it. Those managers that have said it is a "scam" are most likely those who thought they could make a lot of money without putting in the work. Don't get me wrong- this job is very demanding, and you WILL have to put all of your effort into it. However it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Because you are operating your own business, you can take all the credit when you look back at yourself at the end of the summer and see how successful your business was. This job taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. I had 0 experience running a business or painting, and I was able to run a successful, profitable business. (On a side note- to PHANTASM, as a college pro manager you do not need to do any painting yourself. You are managing a painting business, not working as a painter. Also, "offering to paint people's houses on Craigslist" is very unprofessional, as well as very risky. I doubt Craigslist offers insurance protection for your business. As well, by offering your services on Craigslist you are not a legal business. To operate a business you must have a business license, as well as insurance protection, WSIB coverage, etc, etc, which College Pro works with you to set up, as well as a 2 year warranty which College Pro backs. No sensible homeowner would ever trust the beautification of their biggest investment (their home) to a faceless person on Craigslist, where there is 0 accountability. Also, the brand recognition you receive by running a College Pro business is invaluable.) This job also taught me a ton about leadership skills, money management skills, time management skills, as well as taught me how to interact with customers on a one-on-one, professional basis, an invaluable skill, especially as a student. This job has opened countless doors for me, given me more financial freedom than any other job could of done. I love the fact that I work with College Pro, and I will be doing this job again next summer, as well as I encourage anyone who is interested in running their own business, and getting a job experience unlike any other to pursue College Pro. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email @ cgordo44@uwo.ca.


Best wishes,


Conor Gordon

College Pro Franchise Manager



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