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COD4 Server COD4 Killbox and Hardcore admin Reset

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We have done mass reset of admins for COD4 servers. To get your admin level submit your GUID here:




Reason to do it:

1. Check your GUID/IP to cheaters busted list. It helps us to ensure we have clean and good players even after 2 years.

2. To remove admin level of old inactive members or who got admin level without submitting there guid on forums since in 2009 we didn't had forums GUID system!


Sorry for inconvenience but I rest assure you that it will help us to achieve good admin level system before Black Ops is released! We will use same admin level structure in new upcoming games also!


Once you have submitted your GUID in your profile submit ticket here:




Once your GUID on forum is verified leader, co leader and/or staff will update your level on forum and then on server.

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