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Signature Request Need a touch up on this Sig I have

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So yea, I know I have this sig with F|A tags on it, but I'm not in F|A anymore... I might rejoin later who knows. Anyhow, I seem to lost the good edit of it that I think John Wayne did for me back in the day. What I mean is, the bottom right corner of the pic seems to have something weird going on it. I found this sig pic a long time ago.


What I want, is for someone to fix it for me to where it don't have that anymore, and remove the "The" on it. Yes, I used to have The DevilHunter back in the day, still do on my Youtube channel link.. I should really change that. 


Anyhow, here is the pic in question. It should be uploaded to the topic. If anyone can do this for me, that would be nice. I tried looking for other DMC related sigs but... everything either has Devil May Cry posted somewhere on it, which I don't want, or it has someone elses name plastered all over it. 




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Forgot something
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Well, thats half of what I wanted. You see those.. Lines or whateva is at the bottom right? I want that gone. I tried to remove them with Gimp but appearnly I can't get the color just right. But you are on the right track. Just a little more. 


What I mean is, look at this sig I made after I got John to fix it. See how it don't have those ugly lines in the bottom right? That is what I want gone, and instead have it to where it looks like the rest of the sig. I thought I had it in my backup folder(s)... (yes I do backup alot of stuff) but alas, I don't.) 


In case your wondering.. MLK is a dead clan now. It stands for MoonLight Killers. It was a clan in Zandronum (prev. Skulltag) a Multiplayer Source Port for Doom and Doom 2 and related games. Anyhow, thanks for what you did so far, looks nice. Just need that one lil touch and it shall be golden. 


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This maybe:


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Edit: I will be off for about a week, holidays, so this is my final, hope you like :)
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Neat. That is the way I like it. Thanks for that bro, I will use this now. I wished I knew how to do this sort of stuff on my own. I tried, but could never figure it out. 

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