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New Website - Posting (PC)


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In this tutorial I will show how to use the posting feature on our new forums. It's mostly the same but some very neat things have been added and changed!


This is how it looks. Screenshot_5.thumb.png.e66fb200d6ae8f91d68a07be438608bf.png.

1. Files


I'll show you how to add files first.


Look down and you can seeScreenshot_5.thumb.png.a0cf944a769292642a330c3bf35cfaac.png . Just drag files there or you can click "choose files" and search your file on your computer! Now that you have added your picture into "Uploaded Images" I will show you how to add it to your post on a specific place and how to delete them. In this screenshot you see the basic explenation of everything you can see.Screenshot_6.thumb.png.2bbb0c17583427eb45e1a13b316ba7b9.png

Now that you added a picture to your post you can also edit it. You will see when you add them that they are very big like this gallery_2598_181_35838.png.fca6d42bfcbbf59d377d635a35c2d728.png

By double clicking on them in your post you can edit your picture Screenshot_7.png.3f135f29c1228ca2de4d728b55a23dcd.png click "Update" after you have edited some things. 

You can also add files by clicking "Insert other media" Screenshot_8.thumb.png.25b56f4a834b614178cbe15d7ea76ddf.png. Then you can choose between adding a picture trough an URL or things u already have posted on the forums in the past. (For example configs, gallery images, etc.)  Screenshot_9.png.990ce2176533126d76062452b86adde1.png



2. Text



 Here I'll focus on these things. Screenshot_11.png.0762dd0b6d5d436aa22c45229dbd03b7.png 

- Bold: Click here to enable bold textScreenshot_10.png.823b609376d5e9462f088fee3c0cdc75.png or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing "Ctrl+B".
- Italic: Click here to enable italic textScreenshot_10.png.03d9ab3cc0087873b98b27eeda735f85.png or use the beyboard shortcut by pressing "Ctrl+I".
- Underline: Click here to enable underline textScreenshot_10.png.5f861c2d6f3a837eaaf6244c24c2b354.png or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing "Ctrl+U"
- Striketrough: Click here to enable striketrough text Screenshot_22.png.989dcf3ff5aec48718ae9e9244420004.png

- Link: Click the "Link" buttonScreenshot_11.png.46c27827c721c6f84711056f406371a0.png. Then a tab pops up. Very simple to use, look at this screenshot for instructions.Screenshot_13.thumb.png.e7fd46c29a2d5c72e4c45754f01d80cd.png
  This is how it looks CLICK ME!

- Quote: Click the "Quote" buttonScreenshot_14.thumb.png.75daf5d613d26e0dac5ae6e7a0b42c56.png. Delete the quote be selecting it and press "Delete" or "Backspace" on your keyboard.

- Code: This is beyond my knowledge. This is used be the super forum geeks!
- Emoticon: Click the "Emoticon" button Screenshot_14.thumb.png.7866eb587ba48c3ab321bbd550a9dbee.png. Then this tab pops upScreenshot_15.png.0fc9e5f5f70dc2d5d2007a2c361dad31.png.

I recommend clicking on "Categories" Screenshot_15.png.e04416e6546c2ab93004b3b355fc97c0.png and then selecting  "Emoticons" this way you can see all our emoticons!


  • Bulleted list
  • Is just
  • Really 
  • Nice
  • Enable / disable it by clicking here Screenshot_16.thumb.png.fc17b436b5a92b61e8a860cd09a15a69.png.


  1. Or use
  2. the numbered
  3. version
  4. By clicking hereScreenshot_16.thumb.png.feb5cea71fa323c9b4831c6f34186328.png.

And we all know

"Align Left"

  "Align Center"

  "Align Right"


Use them by clicking one of these 3Screenshot_16.thumb.png.c4f373247e70208c5c8e1bd8e9f164d1.png.

- Text color: Click the "Text Color" buttonScreenshot_16.thumb.png.8896f783eb1b9dc5d425daca93ca6554.pngThis way you can choose your text color!
- Size: Click the "Size" button Screenshot_16.thumb.png.6df094462eca0e34661396e25b7576dd.pngSelf-explanatory once again!




3. Preview


Click the "Preview" buttonScreenshot_16.png. This just shows how your post will look, it's great to spot mistakes and editing it before you already have posted
You can choose how it will look on either "Desktop", "Tablet" or "Phone".Screenshot_17.thumb.png.858a793a5b1d31bbb20ec86cc3486970.png.


4. BBCode


This is very commonly used and isn't that difficult. U might have wondered how I can make these sections just type this Screenshot_18.png.f175ad5098df82a1dec0b20143aac84b.png
I will just give a link to the "BBCode" Wikipedia page since all info can be found there.


5. Tagging


 Another new feature is tagging people. Just like on discord do @ and then a name. for example @Smileyyy! This gives a notification to the tagged person so they notice your post quicker!

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