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Trend Analysis Tips and Tricks


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Saw people use this as a way to buy and sell stuff, just wanted to throw out a line of help for anyone looking to get into trend analysis to help with stock portfolio or penny stocks etc etc. Not looking to profit out of this. Seeing as my job is heavily centered around trend analysis for operating a reactor, i've also been taught how to apply it to stock market trends. All this would be for is consultation on how to go about actually reading a trend. Will not influence your decision. I just want to help those who arent sure what they are looking at and see if i can actually use what i have spent 3+ years learning to help someone else.

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Alright everyone, today we discuss: Stock Investments

  Believe me when i say, its not easy by any means. I have been a nuclear operator for 3+ years now and my job is centered around being able to collect data points and use my brain power to pick out potential problems or solutions depending on the situation. Investing in stocks can be a bit of a game depending on how quickly one picks up on the subject. Recommend looking at a stocks overall trend from at least the past year. see if it is on an upward slope or downward or maybe even plateauing out to being moderately consistent. In my experience and from the advice that was given to me, what goes up must come down, and vice versa. WARNING this is not a get rich quick method, nor is it quick at all. sometimes these trend reversals can take weeks, months, or longer (all depends on how long you want to hold onto the shares you have purchased). A good starting point is penny stocks. if you see one that is relatively cheap (DO NOT OVER SPEND, START SMALL, GET COMFORTABLE, LEARN!!!) buy a couple shares, if it is starting to make a turn from a down trend. when you buy into a stock it makes the stock worth more (in simple terminology, and no im not saying yall arent intelligent... im trying to keep my ducks in a row, like anyone else), and just the opposite, when you sell, it can negatively affect the value of the stock, all depends on how many shares you own etc etc. selling is all about how comfortable you feel with what you got. say you buy in 100 shares at 68cents a share. and the price has since risen to about a $1. selling could work out for you seeing as you have a profit already if you were to sell at that exact moment. yes there is the chance suddenly the bottom falls out and you could wind up holding onto 100 shares and the value is now 40 cents a share. the market is perfectly steady. monitor at least a year out, keep close eye on 3week and weekly. and when you are looking to buy, dont do so at the start of the trading day, take a look at the trend of the stock throughout some of the day. get comfortable and make your move. i have to emphasize this because i cant do so enough!!! dont look to this as a get rich quick or certified professional consultation, dont over spend!!!! do only what you are comfortable with at your own risk!!! i dont want to see people lose money or become financially unstable. next week i'll have another topic with some more pointers on fine tuning the shares you have/want to purchase.

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