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Windows 10 Creator’s Update coming Spring 2017: here's what you need to know


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Over at its big press event in New York, Microsoft has announced that the next major version of Windows 10 will be unleashed next spring, and it will be called the Creator’s Update.

As the name suggests, this is all about the desktop OS getting creative, and pushing forward with 3D content creation, and on the fronts of augmented reality and virtual reality, and connected mixed reality experiences as Microsoft put it (naturally including HoloLens).

Microsoft’s Taj Reid showed off a demo with HoloLens, showing him browsing in Edge, and taking an object – in this case a stool – and pulling it out from the online shop, to place it in the real-world room to see how it looks next to a table. Pretty nifty.

VR goodness

But the really cool stuff came on the virtual reality front, with Reid subsequently donning a VR headset running Windows 10, enabling him to watch a football match on a giant screen right up close, or engage in a ‘holotour’ in which he wandered about amongst some old Roman buildings.

And a number of partners will be teaming up with Microsoft to produce VR headsets starting at $299 – for more details on this, head over here.

Another big revelation for gamers was the introduction of game broadcasting, which is being built directly into Windows 10. This is dead easy to use, and basically a one-click-to-broadcast affair, with Microsoft going after Twitch by giving users a very simple way to get into streaming their gaming exploits.


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