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Download of the day: Lightworks


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There are lots of free video editors around, but Lightworks is something special. It’s a complete editing suite that puts professional-level features within everyone’s reach. Despite its power, it’s remarkably accessible and you’ll be turning out fantastic home movie projects in no time.

Why you need it

Some apps are great for quickly trimming and cropping clips, but for serious video editing look no further than Lightworks. Import video, images and audio files, drag them into the timeline and get to work.

If the colors in your video need adjusting, Lightworks offers advanced options to get them looking great, with keyframes and visual effect routing. Its trimming tool lets you cut videos with remarkable precision, and its built-in compositing tools let you layer image and videos using green screen techniques.

You can import pretty much any media file and there’s a huge range of export options – from SD footage suitable for sharing via email all the way to HD and 4K. Videos can be uploaded straight to YouTube or Vimeo, or saved in a format suitable for any playback device.

Lightworks’ interface is built from panels that can be rearranged however you like and snap together into your chosen configuration. It’s particularly good for large screens, helping you make the most of all the space available. You can also create your own shortcuts to save time.


Whether you’re an experienced video editor or a total novice, Lightworks is brilliant – and it’s yours to download and use completely free. Give it a try! 

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