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Seemingly higher sensitivity in game?


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Maybe I am just crazy, but it feels like my mouse goes all over the place while trying to aim in ET, at first I assumed it to be just a bad day, but when looking more closely, I do not believe my mouse sens (in general) was this high. So my question is: is there any way my sensitivity could've changed without me actually changing any setting?


I'm using the razer deathadder, had it for a few years by now. I also make use of razer synapse which allows customization of the mouse settings. I did play around with the settings to see if perhaps the program wasn't setting the DPI anymore and it seems that it is still functioning, so I assume this program did not change my sensitivity. Also, I did have a windows 10 update recently, 


Hope you'll be able to help, thanks in advance :).

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mouseaccel in windows on after update to 10?

Just to clarify, I've had windows 10 for a while. It was just a regular update. It seemed to change atleast something to the interface.

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sounded like update to win10. dunno. if u have nothing changed and nothing changed in cfg it sounds strange to me. 

check ur settings.clean ur mouse. new mousepad maybe. 

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Scroll down towards the bottom of the following url.

Some info there about your sensitivity.

You may have inadvertently/unknowingly changed your mouse sensitivity.



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