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Ezyflix finds streaming not so Ezy, shutters digital services


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Ezyflix finds streaming not so Ezy, shutters digital services

With the arrival of streaming giant Netflix earlier this year, it was always going to be a challenge for local digital store Ezyflix to compete. But it's still sad to see the company announce on its website that the service has been closed.

Customers heading to the Ezyflix.tv website are greeted by a notice confirming the service's closure:

"Thank you for having been a part of EzyFlix. Access Digital Entertainment has decided to end the service offered on this site. If you have rented or purchased any movies or TV shows, these movies are no longer available on EzyFlix."

UltraViolet library survives

Ezyflix was one of the leading shopfronts for the UltraViolet digital service, launching Australia's first disc-to-digital service last year.

While customers will no longer be able to access their UV files through the Ezyflix portal, fortunately the way UltraViolet works means that other UV portals will still offer your collection of movies and TV shows.

"If you have purchased or redeemed an UltraViolet title through EzyFlix these may be accessed through several other digital movie services. Please go here and log in with your UltraViolet credentials for further information. https://www.myuv.com/" the website statement reads.

We're trying to get in contact with someone from Ezyflix for comment, but it's proving challenging: the website for parent company Access Digital Entertainment has gone offline, and the company's previous PR firm no longer represents the brand.

We'll keep you updated with any more information as it comes to hand.




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