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Sony warns PC customers to wait before upgrading to Windows 10


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Sony warns PC customers to wait before upgrading to Windows 10

Sony has issued a strong warning to its customers not to install Windows 10 on laptops until it has performed necessary testing and compatibility assessments.

In a message to Sony laptop owners, the firm has pleaded for patience when it comes to installing the new operating system (OS) due to the real risk of software or driver corruption that could result in a catastrophic data loss.

Sony's advice goes on to say that if customers don't wait for the test results then there is a chance that their computer "may no longer work as intended." This can mean anything from the system crashing, becoming unresponsive or suffering from hardware damage. The bottom line is that tapping Sony to service your PC following any of these issues could result in "losing all of the data" on your computer.

Customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of Windows 10 on their Sony PC are promised that it will be out at some point this month, however, you can obviously still install the new OS if you absolutely have to. Just remember to back everything up and have Sony's phone number on hand.

Consumer confidence low

Sony is the only manufacturer that has so far issued a warning of this nature and the likes of Dell, Lenovo and others all had new PCs available with Windows 10 on board. It is, however, slightly different for Sony as it sold its Vaio laptop unit earlier this year. At the time it did make a commitment to all Vaio owners that it plans to continue providing support and that obviously extends to Windows 10.

While Sony's reaction goes against most other manufacturers, a TechRadar survey revealed that just over a third of consumers plan to upgrade to Windows 10 from a Windows 8.1/7 PC and Microsoft still needs to work hard to bolster confidence in the new OS.




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