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Fighter squadron Star Wars Battlefront

Night Hunter

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As load into Fighter Squadron—the newly announced multiplayer mode of Star Wars: Battlefront— The aerial dogfights of the 10-vs-10 team deathmatch feel tailor made for people who, really like Star Wars.  find something joyous in the spectacle, as squadrons of X-Wings and Tie Fighters engage in ferocious bursts of conflict. More than that, Fighter Squadron, like so much of Battlefront, pays attention to the little details. It's simple things, like the way a spawning X-Wing pilot will declare "Red Fourteen, standing by," as the player is given control.
 Fighter Squadron builds upon the Air Superiority mode last seen in Battlefield 3's End Game DLC. Battlefront offers a more streamlined take on dogfighting. There are brief, timed objectives, but for the most part my team's job is to bring down Tie Fighters. We do, but not before the Imperials earn the 200 points needed to win the match.
Simplicity is Fighter Squadron's greatest strength, and the mode is extremely efficient at creating characteristically Star Wars moments. Movement is bound to the left stick (EA is demoing on the Playstation 4), and thrust to the right—a control scheme so easy to use that within seconds of spawning,
AI troop transports spawn infrequently as a bonus objective. Depending on their allegiance, your job is to attack or defend them. Most of the time, Fighter Squadron seems tuned to support players weaving in and out of their own specific battles with little regard for the overall picture. Here, everyone is pointed at a specific location, and told to converge for a large and chaotic battle. It doesn't always work out like that. The short duration of each transport's visit means that many players were left out of range.
Twisting and tumbling around the clouds of Sullust is plenty exciting, but not as exciting as twisting and tumbling inches above its surface. To encourage daring manoeuvres, DICE has littered the planet's floor with power-ups. Diving to the floor gives you chance to repair, or to reduce the cooldown timers on your ship's abilities. 


Source http://www.pcgamer.com/

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