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Minnesota Wild Lion Fantasy team

von Rantala

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So im not fully ready yet with my Fantasy team update but will update this topic when i get it fully ready. I add pics here so you can see what my team look like and what stats i got. Players stats is easy to count when they are realistic and you not need to update those, but its different thing with team stats, i have to get all to match with full season, what is 82 (48 in lockout season) what mean 1476 games from skaters (18skater x 82 regular season game = 1476 game total from skaters) and 82 from team. No locked amount for goalies, because two goalie might play in one game or not. I can choose two extra forward to avoid injuries and one-two defender to avoid injuries, depent how much i had injuries from defender group.


How to count how many goals i made in one season, I use example from my first season, i got 203 goal from my players, they played totall of 1243 game in one season, when i division 203 goal / 1243 game and then multiply that to full season 1476 i get 241 goal from my team.


How to count how many goals my team allowed. I use example from my first season My goalies allowed totall of 186 goal and they played totall of 80 game, so to realize that to full 82 season, i first divide 186 to games what goalies played 80 and then multiply that to full season games 82 so its 186/80x82=191 goal allowed, this is only stats what is not perfect, because i cant see how many empty net goal i allowed, usually teams allow about 5-10 empty net goal per season.


How to count points in team standings know little bit extra work, you just cant go and add all goalies wins, lose and overtime loses together because those might not to be same as games where you get outcome, I use example again from my first season, My goalies played 80 game, but got outcome only from 73 games, why because they have pulled out of goal or changed in the goal middle of game, and goalie who is in goal when winning/losing goal is made get stats on that. So that i can know my team totall stats i have to count those, i got 32 win from 73 game where i got outcome, i cant divide my victories from started game (80) because it give incorrect stats, when you add win, loses and overtime loses together you have to get 82 games where you got outcome. So formula is 32wins/73game where i got outcome x 82 full season = 36 win So its 32/73x82=36 in wins, and in loses 30/73x82=34 lost game and overtime loses 11/73*82=12 overtime lose. And when you add all together 36win+34lose+12overtimelose you get = 82 game and 84 points


In first seasons i give little bit handicap to other teams, when so many of my young players was playing AHL, and visit NHL only to play couple game.


That i can win cup i need to get most points and best goal difference


Allmost all all is in finnish ofc, but i think you can understand enough to understand my pics. Two first pic is from my examples
























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All most got allready, only all time records left.


List of what i has done!




Player points and they personal points from all season what they has played in NHL

Team standings

Own Trophies (example Saku Koivu Trophy = Best forward trophy etc)

NHL awards from season 1999-2000 to last season with stats

Team records (Example, goal record from single year from team, and from player, overall goal leader of team)



Player points take me most of time when i add all personal records and trophies in the stats. I can use Mikko Koivu, Saku Koivu and Marty St. Louis points as example(see pics (blue mean points in my team)), will post more pics when i get it ready, over 30h work behind already :) but one thing to do anymore(those all time records), playoff points i leave to next summer :) Im already 10 day late with my NHL news what i was planning to ready before starting post those in site. But i still have 1,5 month time to do those.


My team Retired numbers are


Saku Koivu 11

Martin St. Louis 26

Kimmo Timonen 44


I cant retire Antero Niittymäki 30 number when he didnt play my team, because he had to retire his career just before i start do my fantasy hockey. But i dont give that number to anyone. Niittymäki is my goalie coatch of team and Vice-GM



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Totally forgot update this topic, so update of rule, i can win cup also when orginal Wild win it.


Here come my own Trophies


Saku Koivu Trophy (Best forwards trophy, named after Saku Koivu when he retired)


Best point man trophy


Teppo Numminen Trophy (Best defender trophy)


Martin St. Louis Trophy (Best scorer, named after St. Louis when he retired)


Best Goalie Trophy


+/- Award




Antero Niittymäki Trophy (Most valuable player trophy)




Look from NHL trophies (i add only one pic)




Overall Records in left side of pic, one season Record in right side of pic











Overall Records in left side of pic, one season Record in right side of pic


Ylivoimamaalit=Powerplay goals

Alivoimamaalit=Shorthanded goals

Voittomaalit=Game winning goals

Maalivahdit ottelut = Goalies games

Maalivahdit voitot = Goalies Wins

Maalivahdit Nollapelit = Goalies Shutouts




Maalivahdit % = Goalies %

Maalivahdit GA% = Goalies GA%


Ennätykset pelipaikoittain = Positional Records (all-time)


Pisteet pelipaikka kohtainen = Points Positional Records   ---> pisteet pelipaikka kohtainen ottelut = Games    ----> Maalit Goals

Syötöt  = Assists                                -----> +/- --------> Rangaistusminuutit = PM




Ylivoimamaalit = Powerplay goals  -----> Alivoimamaalit = SHG -----------> Voittomaalit = Game winning goals


Kausi kohtaiset ennätykset = One season postional Records


Pisteet = points    -------> Maalit = Goals ----------> Syötöt = Assists

+/- = +/- -----------> Rangaistusminuutit = PM ------------> Ylivoimamaalit = Powerplay goals




Alivoimamaalit = SHG -------> Voittomaalit = Game Winning Goals


Tulokas Ennätykset Pisteet = Rookie Records points ---------> Tulokas Ennätykset maalit =  Rookie Records Goals

Tulokas Ennätykset Syötöt = Rookie Records Assists --------> Tulokas Ennätykset +/- = Rookie Records +/-



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Havent got all ready yet, has been fun to update all stuff again, records need to update, coming roster is not ready yet, etc.. a lot to stuff to do. Havent yet update regular season team standings either but i was in 19 place overall and in 9 place in wester conference i got 86 points.


Here come players stats from last season




Points in team overall




Players all time points (note i have only updated those who currently play in my team)




Individual trophy winners


Saku Koivu Trophy (best forward): Mikko Koivu

Pistepörssin voittaja (Best point man trophy): Jussi Jokinen

Teppo Numminen Trophy (Best defence man): Francois Beachemin

Martin St. Louis Trophy (best goal scorer): Zach Parise

Parhaan maalivahdin Trophy (best goalie): Devan Dubnyk

+/- Award: Olli Määttä

Antero Niittymäki Trophy (season MVP): Mikko Koivu

Improver Trophy (improved most from last season): Leo Komarov




So here come my preminiliary roster, i probably take Patrick Eaves back after two season break and add Bennett to group, i had to let Vanek go because my first three line is already full. Not want make preminiliary line ups yet, because goalie situation is question mark and one defence place is open. If i add Bennett to group he will start in fourth line. I have 2 extra forward spot open and one defence man spot and one extra defence man spot open, and both goalies is question mark, because we dont know yet, if Rämö continue in NHL, if does, he will be my starter. Dubnyk still have chance to get in the team, but if Wild sign some interesting goalie from free markets i probably add him to back up role (wink, wink to Reimer ;P), when it could be too early to Saros (in NSH to take back up role) Let see. So my biggest wish is that Rämö and Saros would be my goalies, but both of those NHL status is question mark. I have 19 milj room in salary cap.



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Okey so here come my latest update on my fantasy team, i still keep it update and closely follow all my fantasy team players and try watch every goal from them. From last season, my season was very good i was in 7 overall in the league, and i made 257 goal, what is fourth best in NHL. GA not show realistic because i count that from goalies what not show empty net goals, but my goal difference was 78 what was second best in the NHL. (will add photo and u see from there) My forwards played very good season. Granlund, Koivu, Niederreiter, Zucker, Aho, and Rantanen all played better season than last year (Aho and Rantanen was rookies) also, Komarov and Couturier (who had injuries) played solid seasons. Jokinen, Hartnell and Parise was minor disapointments, Hartnell tho was not get a lot ice team from his coach Tortorella so u cant blame him, but Jokinen and Parise had difficult seasons and they got a lot ice-time. My defence group had very difficult season, i didnt get any 40+ point man from D-group, that was minor disappointment and surprise too, because i have very good and young d-group who have potential to be one of NHL bests. Only Dumba and Brodin played better seaon that last year, rest you can see clear dropp in points and playing. But i dont trade any of my defenders, i start exactly same top 6. Only change in d-group was that i changed my extra d-man Reilly to Honka (who always had been my team, but played only 16 game in his career all in last year) Goalies played solid and good seasons, both Dubnyk and Saros played very good seasons and got good stats.


Only changes to my roster from last year are that i let Parise walk, i didnt take anyone to his spot from outside, instead i will use Nino and Zucker more in top 6 roles and now and added more responsibility to Rantanen too. New players are A. Stalock in goal, i have three goalie now, and i give Stalock 5-10 game time to show if i will choose him or Saros as my back up for Dubnyk. Yes i will give Dubnyk one more chance, he have been good, he was just tired for playing so much and i do wait too much from him sometimes, he is good locker room player and lead my all time stats in only three season. I also take Marcus Foligno back, he was in my team in 2011-2012 season and now i take him as extra player, yes his salary 2,8 milj is a lot for extra player, but i had room and i can let him walk after this season if i want keep both Dumba and Zucker after this season, when they contracts end.



This year roster (be know that Hartnell and Jokinen have they old contracts in my salary cap, even that they old teams bought them out i didnt, so i keep they old contracts) Komarov is now Alternate captain.




Retired numbers, EU/AHL players, retired players, Former players








Captain History




Points from 2016-2017




Points in history of my fantasy team




Players career points




Standings 2016-2017




Trophies. Saku Koivu trophy = best forward trophy. Best point man (winner Granlund) Teppo Numminen Trophy = Best defender. Martin St. Louis Trophy = Best goal scorer. Best goalie trophy (winner Dubnyk) +/- Award. Antero Niittymäki Trophy = Most valuable player. Improver Trophy



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